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“Save World By Living Green With Mitsubishi Electric Products How Mitsubishi Electric Enhance the Quality men and women Life

Electrical appliances and electronic products have make people life easier, productive, secure and better. In daily routine, electrical appliances not only focus to help human in daily task, moreover require to be environmental friendly. Mitsubishi Electric started since 1921 and continuously invent and innovate electrical and electronic products.

Personal & enterprise solutions

Malaysia is among the most strategic location in ASEAN, this really makes Mitsubishi Electric to invest and create factory in Malaysia in 1989. With variant goods like ac, variable refrigerant flow, and air curtains. This makes Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia probably the most successive brand simply because the equipments covered for personal and enterprise solutions.

The Air-Conditioning

Air conditioner system (air cond) is one of several highlights products from Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia. Complete medical billing offers you using the best air conditioning system considering that the product quality is good and is eco-friendly. Their air cond has received the world greatest recognition from Guiness World Record considering that the longest running cross-flow-fan air conditioning system brand.

Building’s amenities

On top of that, Mitsushi Electric offers amenities for buildings, which can include elevators, lifts and escalators by considering innotive engeeniring and advanced technology. Each of these products answer to safety and sustainibility standards, to be certain reliability and durability, for all the well-being of users.

Automation & processing

Moreover, they also provide a great tools and products for automation and processing technologies, including controllers, drive products, power distribution and control products. This benefits consumer that they can acquire a top-notch outcome. Also, the factory can lower the manufacturing cost and that can achieve target output more efficiently.

Best home products

Mitsubishi Electric also offer the most effective home products to Malaysia. To give an example, refrigerators, freezers, electric fans and water pumps. These particular products are designed and innovated in order to help user in doing the daily task easier and more effective. Plus, their home products help user to lower electricity bill working with most advanced technology.

air cond

To be sustainable

Acknowledging the power of climate-related ecological and financial threat to the planet’s eco-system and economy conditions. Indeed, Mitsubishi intend on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Paris Agreement goals, looking to limit climatic change to well below 2°C by supporting the growth of sustainable energy.

Keep on for research & development

To make sure you continuously manufacturing high-tech and high-performance products, Mitsubishi Electric convey a great efforts in Research and Development (R&D). One example is, they won The Invention Prize in 2018 with regard to their design of interior-oriented ac. They’ve already few R&D centers in Japan that concentrate on creating high-tech products.

A truly green brand

Overall, in the event you required an exceptional and green product for your house or commercial building, at any hour visit their website or refer to them as to get in touch and discover associated with product or service. Moreover, Mitsubishi Electric is but not only winning world recognized but also has been trusted by many people generations as they established in Malaysia at

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