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RHB MY: Our Historical past, Honours, and Contributions

Although RHB Banking Group MY was established in 1999, our bank has been serving the Malaysian population for approximately Hundred years! RHB’s main products are its personal banking, small business banking, and Islamic banking services. Furthermore, we also provide insurance plans, financial investment, fixed deposit and investment management expertise. We’ve got won several awards for all of our work, such as The Asset Triple A Regional Awards, and much more.

Personal Financial with RHB

Find an account which is variable and suits your preferences with RHB. Making an application for an RHB credit card also is included with perks, similar to credit limit raises or instalment payment plans. RHB has loan services, which you’ll find variable and complete. Additionally, we have distinctive RHB insurance plans for your needs and your family.

RHB Remittance and Deposit Services

Must send money in a foreign currency? RHB’s Remittance alternatives allow you to send your money in an exceedingly inexpensive and competent way. We offer fast TT services, reduced education cost for moms and dads and students, and much more. Furthermore, we also have investment choices for you to grow your personal finances. Our safety deposit boxes are also offered if you would like to store your valuables safely and securely.

RHB Bank

RHB and Business enterprise Banking

Right here at RHB, we are happy to compliment local companies with our fast and competent account opening process. RHB’s commercial loans can be purchased when you are just starting and suited to any specific company owner. Additionally, there are attractive insurance methods of the workers and business- stay protected with RHB.

RHB and Organization Investments

Besides the essentials, we could also arrange trade funding expertise, and have a variety of experts to advise you around the best alternatives to make. RHB isn’t just your bank, but additionally your partner. Our company offers business options and details to help you develop your small business. These tips also reach up to advice in investments.

RHB Islamic Financial Accounts

RHB contains a selection of Syariah-compliant products that you should choose from in addition to our standard banking services. These choices not simply limited by our Muslim customers, but to our non-Muslim customers as well. Some benefits to Islamic banking include the fact that payments aren’t compounded, plus the concepts are based on fiscal justice- no hidden payments or trick charges!

Essential RHB Now Banking

With RHB Now Banking, you can see all of your accounts of your phone itself. You may also send money or make transactions. No longer long queues at the bank, you can now access banking account everywhere in the world! Just download it from a phone’s app store and find create with several quick instructions on the website.

Purposes You Need To Pick out RHB

Join the RHB family for all your financial needs! There’s something for everybody here, from private to company needs. Along with our versatile and diverse alternatives, you possibly can make the best choices for your future. RHB fixed deposit has the benefit of extensive customer service for virtually any issues you may be found all over. Find out more on RHB at

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