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Parents usually are spoilt for choice in the case of buying of nutrition supplements for their kid. There are way too many you can find. How does one be sure that your kids are given the right balance of nutrition growing up? Here, we will offer you a factual post on Abbott Nutrition products, to help you when making that important decision.

An Impartial Review of Abbott Nutrition’s Child Nutrition Products


If you are wondering how to increase immune system to ensure your children’s health, here’s what you need to know. Pediasure is a product for young children as the nutrition source, as it’s common for your kids today to become fussy eaters, which caused them to be unable to consume the daily dose of proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals as recommended. Because poor nutrition makes children more susceptible to diseases, daily consumption of 3 glasses of Pediasure may help to strengthen their antibody level.

Pediasure contains 50% more calories and it’s full of magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, Biotin and Vitamin A and B12, which you’ll find beneficial to not simply the physical continuing development of your youngster, but will also their mental development. The very best blend of nutrition for your kids will most definitely enhance their health. Find out more about Pediasure at https://pediasure.com.my/


In the Similac formula, we blend in the right balance of choline, Taurine, Iron, ARA, DHA, lutein, Iodine and natural vitamin E. Those are the basic essential goodness for fast-learning kids. Specially created for little ones from 1-10 years of age, this supplement is scientifically shown to help forge new connections in brain cells, backed by the most up-to-date research data.

how to increase immune system

For mums during pregnancy and lactation period, try Similac Mom. This is definitely another quality product from Abbott Nutrition which can be enriched with 23 differnt nutritional vitamins. Drinking and consuming Similac Mom helps to supplement the nutrients necessary for the mother, to ensure the fetus and infant may well receive enough nutrients for healthy growth.


First taken to the market in 1973 from the sole intent being helping adults acquire complete and balanced nutrition from that time. It has built it’s the position for the doctor’s primary liquid nutritional product for patients which can be facing nutritional inadequacies. In the last 40 years, the science behind this supplement is composed of selenium, vitamin B12 and A, chromium and niacin and more.

Ensure will never be suitable for the ingestion of children as being the nutritional content is not optimized for their own needs. Instead, the product is preferred for patients in hospitals, particularly for people who are currently enduring a life-threatening illness. Those post-surgery patients who definitely are having issues eating solid food might also take advantage of this product. Ensure are usually blended with a fluid to supply a patient’s daily nutritional requirements through the gastric tube, whether the patient is not able to chew or swallow.



In summary, Pediasure is going to be a product to back up children’s mental and physical growth. Meanwhile, Similac provides nutrition to children as a way to enhance their learning abilities. Lastly, Ensure is a product produced to provide essential goodness to adults with difficulty consuming normal food.

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