Personalised Insurance Plan Ideas With AIG Malaysia

Insurance policy can offer financial help in the event of any losses, as an earnings decrease. This is particularly crucial when you have children or dependents, minimizing financial pressure during unlucky activities. AIG Malaysia MyGuardian Personal Accident may help fulfil your insurance plan using its flexible and vast-varying policies among Malaysia’s top insurance policy companies.

If you want to get a single-stop insurance plan agency that will guard all facets of your life, consider using AIG Malaysia. AIG has house, car, vacation, and private incident insurance coverage, which can be used to ensure that you have a protective backup plan in case there are unexpected accidents.

Vacation with satisfaction, knowing that you will be well protected! Holiday with pride, knowing that you will be well protected! AIG’s Journey Insurance coverages involve both domestic and international journey options. AIG handles several activities, including protection of health-related expenditures in unforeseen crashes or illnesses, postponed routes, lost luggage, and more.

AIG Malaysia

If you are a house proprietor, you should consider acquiring some form of property insurance to protect yourself against unnecessary costs that may get in case your residence or its contents are broken. Home insurance is effective in protecting you against disasters, and robbery, or thievery. AIG also provides monetary help if you need substitute accommodation.

Would you make use of your auto for your primary function of transport? Consider obtaining vehicle insurance with AIG, and protect your automobile against thievery, fireplace, and a lot more. Various put-on coverages help make the program more air-limited with a comprehensive protection plan and lengthen any picked variety.

Experiencing a Personalized Incident Insurance plan comes with numerous advantages, such as a lump sum payment payout on all accidents, as well as health-related and hospitalization benefits. AIG’s programs also expand to 24/7, worldwide coverage, and the high quality you will certainly be necessary to pay will depend only on your occupation and collection of program.

AIG Malaysia is committed to assisting your household to have assurance knowing that our insurance plans safely cover you. Whether you’re trying to find home insurance, auto insurance, or individual accident insurance coverage, all of our insurance policies are comprehensive and flexible, with a range of add more-on insurance policies. Visit to find out more about MyGuardian Personal Accident.