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Common Minds is a brand that offers courses, workshops, and boot camps in many in-demand disciplines, including business management, digital technology, employee motivation and creative innovation. We aim to upskill and reskill the talents of individuals so that they can be productive in the challenging modern business landscape.

There is a vast range of courses offered here covering different fields. Enhance your skills in multiple areas, including language skills, digital marketing, or project management. Employers and staffs can also enjoy learning from these modules without any additional costs as most of them are claimable by HRDF.

The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is a collection of funds aiming to develop a quality workforce in Malaysia. Employers of listed sectors must register to contribute to this fund while getting benefits in return. Those who are registered will be provided with training given by certified personnel.

Common Minds

We also have a range of language courses, including to prepare for major English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Other than that, we have language courses that cater to develop your business competence. Improve your business language with our courses like Business Communication Skills and Business English.

Courses from Common Minds can help you learn great marketing skills. Our Digital Marketing courses cover many subjects like search marketing and copywriting skills, which are the new forms of marketing relevant in our current time. You can also make the identity of your firm strong with our courses in Image & Branding.

Elevate your skills in human resources with our HR and Management courses. Please find out how you can manage a task excellently with our Project Management course. This catalogue covers a wide range of topics where you can learn how you can initiate, execute and control a task to meet specific goals within a time constrain.

Enhance your skills now with us. Please select from our vast range of courses to upskill your talent and competence to be productive in the current challenging business climate. Visit our website to learn more about our employee motivation courses and products to find the one that matches you. Register your interest now with Common Minds.

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AIG’s Car Insurance policies make it possible for you and your car are safe against accidents, theft or fire. We have now several flexible plans for all of our prospects, and our claims are fast and simple to create, with fast response times. Besides, AIG may cover your liabilities towards more events if required.

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