4 Employee Perks That Might Not Benefit Your Company

Recently, companies are getting onboard employee perks and benefits that are more interesting for the organisation and workers. For example, some unique perks are free snacks in the pantry and daycare services in the office.

Although you might be tempted to apply these interesting perks in your office to retain employees and attract candidates on Jobstreet Singapore, you might have to think twice before implementing these benefits:

A cool but impractical office

Grey offices are dull and boring, so you decide to spice things up by decorating your office with bright colours and unique furniture. Although they might be pleasing to the eye, a fashionable bench may not be comfortable to sit on for hours and an open plan area isn’t suitable for private meetings. You should carefully think about your choices whenever you have an office built or redesigned.

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Unlimited holiday

This employee benefit is one of the most popular perks in recent years, but it rarely works as intended. The freedom to as many leaves as you want can backfire, leading to workers taking a week off every month or paranoid employees not taking time off at all. If you want this benefit to work, make sure you have plenty of trust between you and your employees.

The ‘all play, no work’ mentality

Some companies want their employees to have fun as they work, so much that they don’t feel like they’re working at all. They might install ping pong tables or a game room to keep their workers entertained throughout the day. Fun facilities attract younger candidates but an overly casual feeling around the office usually results in a lower productivity level.

‘Always on’ technology

The generation these days like to be always ‘plugged in’ and updated with the latest notifications. However, giving your employees tech allowance for gadgets like smartphones and tablets can also have a bad side. Workers might feel obligated to use these devices even after working hours, giving themselves unnecessary pressure.


It’s crucial to reward your employees, but there needs to be a balance. Consider twice before implementing unique benefits or it will do more harm than intended.

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