My Full Review on Shaves2U – Shaves2U Singapore Review

Fantastic customer service

I had a fantastic experience with Shaves2U, in terms of both service and product.  So here is my full Shaves2U Singapore review for this week. I had technical issues with my user account, and they took the time to walk me through it in a lengthy message, which to me looks personalised (screenshots and all), instead of the usual scripted reply. They had to do some troubleshooting on their end as well and surprisingly came back to me after two days.

To be frank, I was frustrated that they took so long, but they were courteous and at the bare minimum, took the trouble to resolve my case. So, yes there is room for improvement but trust me when I say that their follow-up service is top notch and their receptivity to feedback is stellar.

Gillette or Schick? How about Shaves2U?

As you know, we’re not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to shaving brands in Malaysia. In fact, there’s an unhealthy monopoly in the market, just like our telecommunications industry. As a man, I could only choose between Schick or Gillette, and I’ve been using Gillette for as long as I’ve been shaving.

Gillette Shaver

As of today, I’ve been using Shaves2U for about 3 months, which is a proper amount of time for a fair evaluation. My initial thoughts were that the packaging was fantastic, and turns out that the razor handle and razor blade were just as impressive!

Awesome Shave Kits | Shaves2U

The handle and blade as a whole felt heavier and more sturdy than the M3 and Quattro. I like the feel, the handling of it. Shaving wise, I love the close shave I get from this shaver. I don’t get nicks or anything like that. Although I must say that there is quite a lot of lubricant at the top of the shave and it can be quite slippery. I don’t know if you wanna call that a con but I’m glad I bought the $50 kit with 6 blades and shaving creams. It’d probably last me a year!

Swivel Handle | Shaves2U

Swivel Handle Awesome Shave Kit

I’ve got a long way to go before I use up all my cartridges. This will be my only review of Shaves2U, so if I am to leave you with a conclusion, they’re worth every penny. It’s clear that you’ll save more over the long term if you subscribe to their shave plan. A quick comparison with other brands will affirm that.

Kudos to the team over at Shaves2U. Definitely saved a lot since my Gillette days, and I won’t be turning back.

Shaves2u has changed the way I shave, days without any skin irritation or cuts are days started better! Hope you guys enjoy my post on Shaves2U Singapore review. Do check on their website guys for this awesome shave brand at Do watch here their latest video which summarises who is Shaves2U.